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Big hitters with zero centuries: The T20 stars without a century to their name!

They're probably just biding their time, waiting for that epic T20 match to show off their century-making skills. It's going to be worth the wait, no doubt!

T20 cricket, the adrenaline-packed, shortest format of the game, is all about quick runs and rapid wickets. With just 20 overs per side, every ball can change the game. Hitting a century in T20 is a monumental feat, given the frantic pace. Yet, surprisingly, some legendary cricketers have never reached this elusive milestone. Let's dive into the fascinating world of T20 and discover which cricketing icons have never hit a century in this high-octane format.

Kevin Pietersen 

First up is English batsman Kevin Pietersen, renowned for his quick and aggressive shots. Pietersen played for England from 2005 to 2014 and was named England’s greatest modern batsman by The Guardian in 2012. He was also honoured with the MBE for his immense contributions to cricket. Despite excelling in all three formats of the game, Pietersen, surprisingly, never scored a century in T20 cricket.

Jos Buttler

Next up is English wicketkeeper Jos Buttler, a powerhouse on the field since his debut in 2011. This right-handed dynamo isn’t just known for his batting; he’s also a top-notch wicketkeeper. Buttler has dazzled fans in all three cricket formats and was even honoured by the British monarchy in 2020 for his contributions to the sport. Despite his knack for racking up runs in T20 matches, he still hasn’t hit that elusive century. It's surprising, given his explosive style, but it just adds to the excitement every time he steps onto the T20 field!

Virat Kohli

Coming in third is former Indian captain Virat Kohli, who burst onto the international scene in 2008. Known as one of India's top run scorers across all formats, Kohli has been a cricketing powerhouse. His accolades include the Arjuna Award, the Padma Shri Award, and the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award, reflecting his significant impact on the sport. Despite his prolific scoring in ODIs and Test matches, Kohli has yet to notch a century in T20 cricket, making it a tantalising milestone for fans to watch out for!

Kane Williamson

In fourth place is New Zealand's Kane Williamson, who debuted internationally in 2010. Known for his calm and composed demeanour on the field, Williamson has made a name for himself as a right-handed batsman and an outstanding leader. Under his captaincy, New Zealand clinched the ICC World Test Championship in 2021, and he was named Player of the Tournament in the 2019 World Cup. Despite being considered one of the best batters in Test cricket and racking up around 15 half-centuries in T20s, Williamson has yet to score a century in the shortest format of the game.

AB De Villiers

Taking the fifth spot is none other than the dynamic South African cricketer, AB de Villiers, fondly known as Mr. 360 for his ability to play shots from any angle. Making his international debut in 2004, de Villiers stunned the cricketing world with his unorthodox yet effective batting style. Renowned as one of the most destructive batsmen of his time, he holds records for the fastest half-century and century in ODI cricket. Despite his extraordinary talent, it's intriguing to note that de Villiers has never managed to score a century in international T20 cricket, adding a fascinating twist to his illustrious career.

It's like they're saving the best for last! These players have already dazzled us with their batting skills, but scoring a T20 century would be the icing on the cake. It's kind of exciting to think about when and where they'll achieve that milestone. Fans are definitely keeping their fingers crossed for these cricket stars!