Birthplaces of Famous Personalities you Must Visit

William Shakespeare’s birthplace

Stradford Upon Avon is one of the most picturesque towns that one will ever come across, and also the birthplace of perhaps England’s greatest playwright and poet, William Shakespeare. One of the most well-known sites is William Shakespeare’s cottage. It is so quaint, and beautiful! The cottage is almost out of a fairy-tale, owing to its creative interiors, which look like they have come out of a painting! Furthermore, this museum has been beautifully done up, with live actors, and things set up as they would have been when the Shakespeare family lived here.

William Wordsworth Birthplace

The house where William Wordsworth was born, now called Wordsworth House is located in Cockermouth, London. He was one of the most famous Romantic poets and wrote extensively about nature. Today the house is set as it was when Wordsworth and his family stayed there. There is a kitchen, a cellar, and a beautiful garden done up with 18th-century vegetables and fruits, resembling the beautiful green spaces which Wordsworth described in his poems.

Sigmund Freud’s Birthplace

In what is now the Czech Republic, is the town of Prbor where Sigmund Freud was born. The house was owned by a locksmith who rented a floor to Jakob Freud and his wife, Amelia. Though Freud only spent his early years there, there is now a museum there, describing details about his life as a psychoanalyst and his fascinating theories as well as his personal life. However, Freud also reminisced about how he would play in the nearby fields, in the beautiful empty pastoral settings around. During the renovation, many objects found from the time they lived here are now displayed in the museum. Freud and his parents soon however moved to Vienna. The house where they lived has also been made into a museum.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthplace

Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous Rennaissance artist’s birthplace is near Vinci, located just outside its center in the foothills of Montalbano in a village called Anchiano. Today there is a museum there, displaying and telling the story of the history of Leonardo as an artist, exhibited through a fabulous display of digital versions of his paintings. Other than that the quaint interiors encompass 3 rooms, a fireplace, a wooden table, and even a  carved face of Vinci with a beard, as well as a hologram. The breathtaking landscapes around add to the ambiance of the place.

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