Published By: Satavisha

Bizarre Love Theories About Romantic Relationships That Sound Ridiculous But Are True

We learn about love from our friends’ heartbreaking stories and our experiences, from reading relationship columns in magazines and from our mom’s time-tested advice. However, did you know that love and relationships have some outrageous theories that sound ridiculous but are backed by science?

Love is undeniably a complex emotion and people have been trying to explain the concept in words for centuries now. For some people, love is a feeling that fills them with warmth and joy while for others it is an act of service. Over the decades, many researchers have tried studying this universal language and have put forward some oddly surprising theories about romantic partners and love. We have listed some of them for you.

People prefer lovers who are like their family.

This theory rests on the idea that people prefer surrounding themselves with familiarity because it feels more secure and is easy to adjust to. We are habitual to achieving a definite balance in almost every relationship, as a result, we subconsciously look for familiarity in partners too.

Love can happen in four minutes.

Millennials can finally find romance! Nothing screams true love as instant gratification does, and this is your moment to shine by proving people wrong who believe love needs time to blossom and establish trust and commitment.

As revealed by a study conducted by the New York Times, just four minutes of staring can make you fall in love with someone. However, four uninterrupted minutes of staring can be your last option if there is nothing else left to do to find a lover.

Long-term couples start looking like each other.

You might have noticed that a lot of long-term couples or spouses often look similar. Well, as absurd as it may sound, this seemingly outlandish theory is now proven by science. A study conducted on the psychology of love revealed that independent observers have noticed and scrutinized that spouses who have been together for 25 years or more look alike or have similar facial features. This could happen for various reasons such as having similar lifestyles, environments, diets, life challenges and more.

Love will find you when you give up looking for it.

Single people are always on the lookout to find love. Do they ever stop searching for romance? We doubt it. However, instead of actively chasing love, one should focus on finding a partner organically. Engage in activities that can enrich your life instead of running after love. The man or woman of your dreams might just be sipping coffee at your favorite cafe that you visit every day, but they will enter your life only when the time is right.

A dangerous situation can make you fall in love.

A sense of danger or threat can play an integral role in making individuals fall in love with each other. Studies have revealed that if a woman meets a man while she is in a dangerous situation or vice versa, the chances of them falling in love are higher than if they had met at a restaurant or in any other mundane setting.

Opposites attract, and it's not a lie!

We have all heard people saying, “opposites attract,” and you may not believe it. However, according to science, people enjoying different hobbies and interests have a more loving and lasting relationship. At the same time, it does not imply that people with similar hobbies and interests are not in happy relationships.

Adventure can surge feelings of love

Relationship experts often ask people to make some time for adventure and bring some spontaneity to their relationship. Setting out on an adventurous journey with your partner where you may be involved in some risky situation will likely help you both experience deeper love and affection than you feel in your mundane everyday life together.

Whether you are single or are in a loving partnership, you cannot deny these psychological facts about romantic relationships and love.