Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

Bizarre rituals around the world that you didn’t know exist

The world itself is a bizarre place with 7.9 billion people living in it. With a population of 7.9 billion where people belong to different regions, different religions, different communities, it is quite evident that they will have a difference in their lifestyle and culture too. Each of them is different from each other and follows a unique set of costumes and rituals which is somewhere influenced by their own surroundings, environmental and geographical needs. But there are some unique sets of practices that don't have any scientific explanation behind them and they are super strange to general social norms.

These rituals and practices are so bizarre that you never thought something like this might ever exist.

Polterabend from Germany

This strange wedding custom is from Germany where the guests before the night of the marriage break dishes. Which according to them brings good luck to the new couple in their companionship.

World Gurning Championship from England

In this unusual championship, people need to make weird faces and the person who makes the most grotesque face wins. This is a tradition in rural England that has been there since 1267. Four-time world gurning champion Peter Jackman got his teeth removed to make his expressions easier.

Asking for salt is offensive in Egypt

Asking for salt at the dining table may sound very natural to us but for Egyptians, it is an insult. In Egypt, if anyone is invited over to someone's place for dinner and the invitee wants to ask for salt to add to his/her dish, the host takes it as an insult. So next time you are in Egypt, don’t you dare to ask for salt.

Bathroom Ban

This extremely funny tradition of newlyweds couples is from the Tidong tribe in Borneo island. In this tradition, a newlywed couple is banned from using the bathroom for 3 days and 3 nights. According to the community, this brings good luck to the couple and will result in a long, happy and fertile marriage. During these days the couple offered limited food and drinks so that they could cope with the situation. Although all of it sounds funny to us but not ignoring the fact that it may cause serious illness.

Blackening the bride in Scotland

A bizarre bachelorette party that none of us can imagine and will ever wish for. This custom involves throwing eggs, spoiled milk and, basically, all things disgusting at the bride to be and then the  'blackened bride' is then taken around the town. According to the locals, this custom is a metaphor for the tough life of a bride after her marriage where she might have to go through many challenges.