Blue Java Banana: All You Need To Know About The Fruit And Its Benefits

We have all enjoyed green and yellow bananas as a vegetable and fruit. But have you ever tried blue bananas?

Blue Java bananas have a texture and taste that is reminiscent of vanilla-flavoured ice cream. In addition to their unusual flavour, they stand out for the distinctive pale blue colour of their peel and the creamy white flesh. They may not be as popular as Cavendish bananas, the ones you usually find at the grocery store. Blue Java bananas are mainly grown in Southeast Asia and are savoured as a delicious, all-natural dessert. Please find out more about this fruit and its health benefits.

What are blue Java bananas?

Blue Java bananas are a hybrid of two banana species native to Southeast Asia: Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. They possess a unique blue-tinged peel before the bananas are fully ripe due to their natural wax coating. However, this colour tends to fade as they mature slowly. Blue Java bananas also have a stouter and more extended appearance than traditional banana varieties, with creamy white flesh and tiny black seeds.

They are cultivated in Hawaii.

These blue boys are grown in Hawaii and parts of Central America and Southeast Asia. After ripening, the bananas acquire a creamier and fluffier texture than your typical supermarket bananas. Cultivated in Hawaii in the early 1920s, blue Java bananas don’t contain artificial sweeteners, additives, or flavours. However, the funny part is that there are sweeter varieties in Hawaii.

Why do they taste like ice cream?

The natural compounds present in their flesh offer an exciting flavour that is often compared to vanilla custard or vanilla ice cream. Their creamy and soft flesh provides a texture that also resembles the beloved dessert. Blue Java bananas make an outstanding substitute for regular ice cream. Owing to their unique consistency and taste, blue Java bananas are commonly added to desserts and smoothies.

Promotes weight loss

With just 105 calories per serving, this delicious banana variant is the best low-calorie alternative to sweet treats like smoothies, custard, and ice cream. Swapping blue Java bananas in as a substitute for other sweets will help mitigate your calorie consumption considerably and will bump up your daily intake of fibre.

Supports digestive health

Apart from boosting weight loss, the fibre in this banana has a powerful impact on digestive health. The rich fibre content promotes the regularity of bowel movement. In addition, research suggests that fibre may also help treat several digestive disorders, like stomach ulcers, haemorrhoids, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Try enjoying blue Java bananas raw for a convenient, healthy, portable, and delicious snack on the go.


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