Boarding school movies you should not miss

Let’s agree boarding school is quite an experience.

Those who have had spent years in a boarding school could be testament that studying in one prepares you for life. Not everything is fun and happy, but we can agree its different for regular schools. It preps you, there’s more freedom involved but also stricter everyday regime, gathering valuable life lessons, learning things you’d probably not learn in a regular school. But sometimes the nostalgia of home might hit hard. Sometimes you’d find in home in your dormitory mates.

All in all, boarding school is quite an experience. So, we have listed a list of boarding school movies for you.

Monalisa Smile:Set in 1960s, in Wellesley College – an all-women’s private liberal arts college. The cast fraught with big names like Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, Maggie Gyllenhaal to name a few. The slow-paced movie identifies in breaking the ‘60s gender stereotypes set for women.

Dead Poets’ Society: Shows what a good teacher can mean to students. The late Robin Williams’ stars the new teacher who teaches the boys in St Andrews School a whole new way to look at academics and at life.

TaareZameen Par:A landmark movie in Bollywood by Aamir Khan treats the boarding school experience in a more realistic way. Darshal Safari is a dyslexic child sent to a boarding school against his wishes. The movie explores how one understanding teacher can make a huge difference in their student’s life.

Wild Child: A rebellious Malibu girl is sent off to an English boarding school. The wild child, Poppy Moore played by Emma Roberts, learns about real friendship in the school and grows tremendously as a person.

Lost and Delirious: The movie by lea Pool gets real with real emotions every time you watch it. It’s about three teenager friends in a private school and their seek for true love. The movie is seen through the eyes of a new girl in an all-girls boarding school.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: All but one Harry Potter movies are set in a boarding school, but the first part certainly grabs the attention. The life in a boarding school is an experience of its own, and that in a magic school is something else altogether.

The Moth Diaries:Boarding school movie but add spook to it. The movie catches on the popular vampire lore and is set in an all-girls boarding school.

Spud: Set in Michaelhouse Boarding School in South Africa, the movie has its funny bits and has intense emotional beats. The coming-of-age movie in a prestigious all-boys school is a must watch.

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