Bojack Horseman: Best characters you can’t help but love

Characters you can actually relate to.

When you first hear of an animated series about a horse and animals aplenty living harmoniously with humans, it won’t appeal as much. It is only after you start watching Bojack Horseman will you understand, this isn’t just an animated series. It is a ride. A rollercoaster ride. A ride full of life metaphor, satire, humour, introspection, liability, responsibility, an possibly every other heavy terms you’d rather not associate with an animated series.

What makes Bojackextra special is the strong, distinct characters with unique storylines and quotes that are hard to forget. Here are the best characters from the show that you help but love.


Todd attended a party at Bojack’s house and never left. Sure, he might be seen as jobless, drifting aimlessly in life, the only home being Bojack’s couch. But Todd is a man of the world, is not afraid to take up rock opera or improv comedy or the sales executive at What Time is it.com as a job. Highly inventive, imaginative Todd is also probably the first person to tell Bojack off. We can clearly see why Kelsey finds Todd absolutely adorable.

Princess Carolyn

A car always land on her feet, a motto PC lived her life by. A zest for managing stars, she went on from being an assistant, to an agent to owning a production company of her own. Even when things didn’t go her way, PC found a way to make things work. The show did PC good: being in a cutthroat industry as entertainment, she showed its possible to have a life of her own.


One of the many great things about this character is that Diane constantly learnt things about herself throughout the series. A failed humanitarian mission in Cordovia, failed marriage made her question about herself. Bojack relies on Diane and wants her approval, something Bojack clearly doesn’t do with anyone.

Mr Peanut butter

Like it would take a real hater to not like Mr Peanut butter. With his always happy personality, Mr Peanut butter undergoes realizations through the series. He follies like a human but keeps his head up and cheery. Though his personality doesn’t not undergo any change, we all love Mr Peanut butter.

Beatrice Horseman

You can hate Bojack’s mother all you want but Beatrice grew up being critiqued and was in a loveless marriage and her whole life turned upside down. A lot of people would love to hate on her but learning about her childhood and past life, you could not help but understand why Beatrice was like that.


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