Published By: Sanjukta

Bojack Horseman: Scenes that live rent-free in our heads

All that glitters is not gold. And Bojack Horseman is more than an animated comedy gold

As an animated series, Bojack sets a benchmark for the tragicomedy genre. The show makes us laugh and make us think. Apart from talking about myriad of issues, never too in-the-face, the show has managed to delve into happiest of times and tap into the insecure, dark part of every character. It’s a comedy show, yes. But with progressive seasons, the show catches it’s viewers off-guard with its deep emotions so much so it is etched in our memory.

Here are the scenes from Bojack Horseman that live rent-free in our heads.

Sarah Lynn and Bojack goes to the planetarium

After months’ long drug-infused bender, making amends, visiting past acquaintance, Bojack and Sarah Lynn go to the planetarium after copious amount of drugs. Bojack tell Sarah Lynn to make her feel better before overdosing. The episode ends with Bojack saying “Sarah Lynn?”. Goosebumps.

Todd finally tell Bojack off

Bojack tries to guilt Todd into stayin telling him he has done everything for Todd and reveals he had relations with Emily. Todd snaps and tells Bojack in the show’s one of the most honest moment ever. "You can't keep doing sh*tty things and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay”

MrPeanutbutter’s surprise for Diane

When MrPeanutbutter surprises Diane with a belle room of her own, Diane and Peanutbutter question their marriage. An eye opening scene, as they have been falling apart for a while now.

Princess Carolyn gets serenaded by Jonah

Jonah is a man of precision. He never minces words and has always bent over backwards for Princess Carolyn. But Jonah makes a return in the start of season 6 and later confesses his love for PC with a sweet serenade on his guitar.

Bojack gives a eulogy

The camera never shifts from Bojack as gives a eulogy on his mother’s funeral. A moment that truly haunts its viewers where Bojack is emotionally raw from the death of his mother, with underlying tone of regret that their relationship never really got fixed.

Hollyhock’s conversation with Bojack

Hollyhock says she already has 8 dads and never needed another dad but she always wanted a brother. Bojack’s face lights up. A rue wholesome moment.

Crossover episode

In season 6, MrPeanutbutter finally gets a crossover episode and yes, we got as emotional as him.

Diane and Bojack sit on the terrace

In the final episode, while attending PC’s wedding, Diane and Bojack sit on the terrace talking about life. There isn’t too much talking but both are changed people now. The two sit in silence and the series wraps.