Bollywood Movie Characters that Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Movies (Part I)

There have been many times that a character from a particular movie became more popular than the movie only. The character Ganesh played by Vijay Raaz in the movie Run is a fine example of it where people rejected the movie but a particular character stood out in the movie and the audience can’t get enough of that character. The character of a female spy in Baby played by TapseePannu got her own movie in NaamShabana, a first of its kind in Bollywood. Here is the list of a few more Bollywood movie characters that deserve their spin-off movies.

Gabbar Singh from Sholay 

Sholay is one of the most iconic movies in Bollywood ever and almost all its characters became famous but the character of Gabbar Singh played by Amjad Khan stood out the most. 

Amjad Khan played the character of dacoit Gabbar Singh in the movie. We can assume that the character of Gabbar Singh was the personification of evil who is so cruel that he didn’t even spare an 8-year-old kid to take his revenge. He was a sadistic killer who got pleasure out of killing people and does not even mind killing his own gang members. But how Gabbar Singh became so cruel is something very interesting. A spin-off movie about the origin of Gabbar Singh and how he became the person he was will surely be a story worth watching.

MC Sher in Gully Boy

SiddhantChaturvedi impressed everyone with his act in the movie Gully Boy as MC Sher. A spin-off movie about his journey to becoming a rapper will be interesting. 

MC Sher played by Siddhanth Chaturvedi in Gully Boy was kind of a mentor to Murad (Ranveer Sigh) who helps him to pursue his passion. Though the movie was about the rags to riches journey of Murad, we got to see a small glimpse of MC Sher’s life also who has an alcoholic father and a foreign girlfriend. It would be interesting to know about the back story of MC Sher, how he pursued his dream of being a rapper and how he met his girlfriend and it’s for sure that SiddhantChaturvedi will nail the character once again.

Chand Nawab from BajraniBhaijaan

Nawazuddin Siddique played the character of Chand Nawab, a Pakistani journalist who helps the character of Pawan (Salman Khan) to find the parents of Munni.

Nawazuddin Siddique as Chand Nawab was one of the main points in the movie BajrangiBhaijaan who helped to elevate the quality of the movie with his acting. It would be interesting the see his life story post the events of the movie and how he deals with his newfound success and his journalistic career ahead.

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