Bollywood Movies so Bad that they are Actually Funny

How many of you have a “must never” watchlist? If not yet, here’s how we will be helping you to add some to the list!

All of us by now have seen or at least heard of movies that are so awful, that it makes us want to leave the screen mid-way. Such a bad script and of course the bad acting cannot make us stick in front of the screen even though we might have no other work to do. Here’s offering you the atrocious list:


Starting with its spelling, the name of the movie is similar to the original movie Karz (1980), of which this is simply a remake. If you ask why, well I believe only the makers of the movie would be able to tell you that. Okay, so starting with what’s bad in the movie, the acting, or for that matter, the overacting indeed. Although the storyline is quite likely similar to that of its original version, the overacting steals all the hatred for the movie. But wait, if you think that acting is all that it brings, you’re wrong. The songs of the movie are even worse, and it is the songs for which the original one was remembered. You will find songs named ‘Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki’ and ‘Tandoori Nights’. Now do the names give you an idea of how bad the movie can be?


If something can take your eyes rolling to the point, it gives a throbbing headache, then definitely it has to be the Humshakals, released in 2014. The movie has three pairs of identical-looking people, who eventually in the movie get entangled, and then is where all the blunder begins. Such a plot if not executed well, with a good storyline, becomes ridiculous, and that is exactly what has happened to this movie. Every minute in the movie you will find some slapstick comedy that will make you feel discomfort.


This movie for sure is going to take you back to the dark age of Bollywood. You’ll lose your brain cells after watching the encounter ofthe lead with a tiger that looks as unreal as your dream man. The cliched storyline would make you want to die not once, but a million times.

Race 3

Just like any other Salman bhai movie, with some nonsensical plot, this is another never-to-watch movie. The dialogues, action sequence, and my god those plot twist is the most horrible thing you might have ever watched.Do not even try to understand what’s going on in that film, why? Because, Salman Bhai dil me aate hai, samajh me nahi!

Read the list again, so that you can at least mark yourself safe from these pieces!

Elisa Ghosh

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