Bollywood VS South – Is it fair to compare these industries

After the success of Baahubali, there is a comparison between the South Indian film industry and the Hindi film industry.  However, is it fair to compare them?

Let’s dive into this issue to find out more.

The debate

It is okay debate as long as it is done based n the logistics and is done for the right purpose. There should be a parameter behind the debate and one should abide by it. You cannot compare apples with oranges. For comparing two things, you have to make sure that they are similar in nature and factors should be relevant. The debate between Hindi film industry and South has originated because of weird reasons. Not much has gone into thinking and people whoare comparing the industries are doing it out of hate for one particular community that belongs to one industry. A large group of section falsely believes that Bollywood is only one industry that is suffering from nepotism whereas the truth is, nepotism is very much there in almost all of the film industries. Take any South film industry and you will notice the same pattern but since people are not very aware of this, they just blame the Hindi industry.

Box office

Many people claim that Bollywood has finished because of the low collection of films at the box office. At the same time, South Indian film industry is making blockbuster films. However, this is merely a misconception. Bollywood film industry is o doubt facing some troubles but that is because of the pandemic and the fact that the industry is experimenting a lot. The success of Baahubali has changed the game and Hindi fim industry is trying to copy and produce the content similar to South Indian films. At the same time, there are films like BhulBhulaiya and Gangubai which have worked because the filmmakers have made original content which they have been making for years. Also, the South Indian films are also not doing well at the box office except a few. The movies of big stars are working and people have faith in them as compared to Hindi film stars.

Wrong Variables

When you compare two things, it is essential to choose the right variables. For example, two songs can be compared on the basis of their lyrics, composition or beats. However, in the case of Hindi VS South film debates, people are choosing the wrong variables. They are comparing the industries based on how much the stars associated with the industries love to party, how religious are they and what they are contributing to the society. These made up moral principles is only dividing the fans.

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