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William Shakespeare was probably one of the most famous playwrights in the world. Though his plays, both comedies and tragedies are stalwart texts and are still read and enacted all over the world, little is known about his own personal life. If you are curious to unmask the man behind these legendary scripts, here are some books that you can consider reading.   

Shakespeare: The World As Stage

This book by Bill Bryson is a part of the Harper Collins series of Biographies called, ”Eminent Lives’. The book seeks to uncover Shakespeare and takes on the whole debate surrounding his identity, and myths pertaining to his life. It also explores the contexts in which his masterpieces have been written. Written in a witty style, this book provides a riveting read and is enjoyable, rather than a pedantic narration about Shakespeare’s life and times.


Maggie O Farrell’s Hamnet traces the story of Shakespeare’s son, his demise, and the struggles of the couple to come to terms with it, after he passed away in 1596 at the age of 11, due to the bubonic plague. After some time, his father writes the legendary text, Hamlet, where the father dies and the son avenges him. With the shifting timelines, in the book, the contexts, the story, and the gravity of emotions almost leaps out of the page. It captures even the larger context, of Elizabethan England. Most importantly, it deals with the psychological aspects of maternity, grief, emotion, loss, and love, depicting them beautifully.

The Shakespeare Book

Published a part of the DG series, this is almost a study guide to Shakespeare and his works drawing upon all his plays and sonnets with plot summaries. What makes it a lively and entertaining read are the lovely images, graphics, witty and memorable quotes, and comic strips. Whether you are a scholar in the literary field, or just want to explore Shakespeare’s ingenuity for the first time, this book is definitely perfect for you!

Shakespeare’s Secret

Written by JL Carrell, although this is a fictional thriller surrounding the bard, rather than a biographical account, it contains some fascinating references to Shakespeare. The plot revolves around a modern-day murderer who kills his victims in a similar fashion as they die in Shakespeare’s plays. Chasing the murderer leads to an outwitting series of events, and eventually unraveling of secrets regarding Shakespeare’s personal life.

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