Books by ParoAnand on the theme of children and young adult

The narrations are sweet, delightful and touching

Indian author for children, young adults, and adults ParoAnand has to her credit a series of novels, short stories, and plays. A winner of the SahityaAkademiBalSahityaPuruskar for her anthology Wild Child and Other Stories, the author got into writing for children due to a lack. From being a drama teacher to an author, Anand’s quest started with not much available for children in the Indian context to work on. Her writing covers topics of communal hatred, failure, sexual abuse, and being different. Here are some must-read ParoAnand books for children.

Being Gandhi

This 2020 book by the author gives a fresh perspective to the image of Gandhi for it to be able to relate to the kids of today’s generation. The story is narrated through a teenage boy Chandrashekhar who is bored by the annual Gandhi projects that are given in September. He often wonders if the teachers are being too unreasonable in asking them to ‘BE’ Gandhi. But as the story moves forward, such events line up that Chandrashekhar is forced to dig deep and not just find his ‘inner Gandhi’, but become Gandhi. The book looks not into Gandhi as an individual but the Gandhian way of living.

I’m Not Butter Chicken

This is a story from the perspective of a teenager who is upset at her father. An angry teen shouts at the father ‘I’m not butter chicken, you can’t order me!’. But is that a wise thing to do to your father? Of course not, since that is how the teenage years are. Actions and words are said and done that are regretted later.

Pure Sequence

This 2011 book narrates the story of women in their twilight years. The tales are beaming with their past, who at the same time ate learning to cherish the present and not worry about the future. Right from the women wanting to lead their own lives, to those looking after the children and like, the book showcases the confidence of the women of India.

Some other books by ParoAnand are Wild Child and Other Stories, Wingless; A Fairly Weird Fairy Tale, Favourite Stories for Girls, The Puffin Book of Classic Stories for Boys, The Little Bird who Held the Sky Up with his Feet, No Guns at My Son’s Funeral, The Tree with a Travelling Heart, The Little Bird; A Modern Fable, and Wild Child and Other Stories to name a few.

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