Books every aspiring architect should read

Like every other career, some books are solely written for aspiring architects.

Movies and TV shows make for great content, but books add a greater depth in your learning. If you are aspiring to be an architect and wondering what books you should read, we can lend you a helping hand.

To prevent you from getting lost in the depths of research, we have curated a list of books for you.

  • How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand

An interesting book by Stewart Brand, it explores the evolution of buildings by displaying how buildings adapt to long-term changes. It will help you appreciate the part you play in the ever-evolving building environment.

  • Architecture and Disjunction by Bernard Tschumi

For architects wanting to go beyond floor plans, this book is your next best friend. It is essentially a book of questions that helps you go out of your creative box and ponder over why things are the way they are. The book will serve as a guide and inspiration in your career.

  • Thinking Architecture by Peter Zumthor

Thinking Architecture is a collection of essays and lectures by Peter Zumthor. He talks everything about the field, from what motivates him to design to human emotions. It is an engaging and easy read that will inspire you and help in expanding your horizons.

  • Dear Homeowner, Please Take My Advice. Sincerely An Architect by Stephanie Wascha

A talented architect with more than 20 years experience in the market wrote this book for its customers. However, this serves as a window into the minds of consumers and gives you an edge in understanding how you should work with your customers.

  • Towards a New Architecture by Le Corbusier

The book is a collection of essays that explores the world of modern architecture. The book should be on top of your pile to “unlearn”, which is an important factor in becoming a successful architect. It will surely have a lasting effect on you.

  • Architecture: a World History by Daniel Borden

The pocket-sized book is packed with illustrations that explore movements and evolutions in the field, biographies of great architects, an examination of their masterpieces and more. It will tell you everything there is to know about architecture throughout the world and time.

There you have it- a list of must-read books for every aspiring architect.

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