Bookstagram accounts every book lover should follow

Witness beautiful mesmerizing shots of your favourite books on Instagram.

To all the book lovers, it is time to stop the endless web search for book recommendations, book reviews and all book-related content. Instead, use your Instagram where you can chat with all the literary buffs out there, in addition to all the above things.

Below we give you seven of our favoured “bookstagram” accounts that you can follow.

  1. @subwaybookreview

One of the most popular Instagram accounts on books; the Subway Book Review features readers from all around the world and books they are reading on their daily commute. A highly creative account, see some un-heard of books and read about the reasons why the featured readers chose the particular book.

  1. @wellreadblackgirl

Well-Read Black Girl is an Instagram account that promotes and supports work by black women and non-binary writers. From inspirational quotes to book reviews, you can get recommendations across many genres, all written by women of colour.

  1. @thisgirlhasnoname

For all science fiction and fantasy genre book-lovers, this should be your go-to account. With its woodsy, dark, and moody aesthetics, This Girl Has No Name makes you want to search for your next dark fantasy series right this second.

  1. @theguywiththebook

Female account holders dominate the bookstagram social network. But it is different for Faroukh, the owner of The Guy With The Book, who shares book reviews, recommendations, reading tips and more. He also won the Bookstagrammer of the Year at the London Book Fair.

  1. @thebibliotheque

With reviews mainly on young adult and romance novels, her account is filled with books next to fuzzy blankets, warm cup of coffee, candles and pillows and captures the feeling of snuggling up with a book.

  1. @nytbooks

If you are looking for recommendations from professionals and book editors, then you should follow the bookstagram account of New York Times. In addition to reviews, they also post quotes from famous authors like Malala Yousfazi and more.

  1. @pieladybooks

Can be voted as one of the most creative bookstagram accounts, Steph’s page includes pictures of books alongside colourful and beautiful pie that she bakes. The theme and colours of the book cover are paired with similar theme and colours of the pie to give you an account that makes you want to read and eat at the same time.

Follow one or maybe all of the accounts above for daily book recommendations, reviews, perfect book shots and more.

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