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Boost Your Brain With Some Interesting Brain Puzzle Exercises

Mental workout for making your brain healthy and sharpening it.

It is evident that lifestyle habits matter the most whenever it comes to mental or psychological health. Mind games or activities through different games act as a workout or exercise to keep your brain sharper and boost its health. Whenever it comes to lifestyle habitats, psychological health is the main factor that needs to be considered first.

Brain games: Beginners exercise

For decades we have known that a physical workout keeps our physique strong, but now scientific research suggests that in order to keep psychological health stable mental exercise would be helpful to keep our brains healthy and strong. So, if someone wants to start with mind games activities, the first step that would be suggested is the right brain exercise: Counting squares. A left brain is also changing words which are a kind of beginners exercise for a mental workout. Then comes the numbering of a toothpick which is an exercise for the right brain. Many more are there, like scrabble number 1 and jigsaw puzzles for a healthy brain.

Intermediate mind activities

Exercise like a continuous line for the intermediate zone enhances the visual as well as spatial skills and also increases the ability of our frontal lobe in order to split attention between psychological tasks. Then comes another one named finding colours which is basically an exercise for the left brain, and the proverb is also a kind of brain puzzle or mind game.

Advance mind games for boosting psychological health

It’s the time when you are all charged up to start using your brain and also try to solve the brainteasers. Finicky Frank and letter scramble number 2 are two advanced brain puzzles or exercises. Jigsaw puzzle helps to improve mental health and acts as a great meditation tool as well as a stress reliever.

There are a few lists of brain puzzle games that come with apps as now the whole thing has turned digital. Logic Wiz Sudoku, Cognifit Brain Fitness, Elevate, Peak (brain training).

Do memory games work as a healthy weapon to boost up psychological health?

Although it is evident that short-term working memory training provides an advantage to high functioning individuals, especially youth like students, in terms of vision training, elite athletes can also benefit, especially youth, to deal with today’s anxiety and other mental distress.


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