Brave pets who rescued their human

We all love to have pet friends, love them, feed them, protect them and cherish their companionship. But there are several heartwarming pet stories where the furry family member ended up saving a human friend’s life. We bring you some such stories.

Kelsey, the Golden Retriever

When Bob, a Michigan resident, slipped in the snow and broke his neck, Kelsey stayed with him for 20 hours. With the nearest neighbour far away, Kelsey kept on barking as Bob lost his consciousness. Eventually, the neighbours heard Kelsey’s howls and came to rescue, saving Bob’s life.

Sako, the Shepherd

When teenager Joseph Phillips-Garcia,his aunt and cousin went on a fishing trip, they took Sako with them. Unfortunately, when their car fell down the steep hill, Phillips-Garcia and Sako were the lone survivors. As the teen sustained major injuries, Sako fought off coyotes all night, kept Phillips-Garcia warm and helped him get water as well. They survived eventually!

Masha, the Tabby Cat

When Masha saw an abandoned baby’s box, the tabby cat climbed on the box and meowed till the time she got nearby passer’s attention, who immediately took the baby to a hospital. Hospital authorities said that thanks to Masha, the baby escaped the harsh outdoors unharmed.

Peanut, the Rescue Puppy

One day Peanut ran up and down the stairs barking continuously until her owner let her out. Peanut immediately took them to the backyard of Michigan home, where a naked toddler was freezing in a ditch. Eventually, the toddler and her sibling were rescued from unsafe living conditions, all thanks to Peanut!

Figo, the service dog

As Figo and Audrey Stone were crossing the road, the bus driver did not see them. The Golden Retriever,in an effort to save Audrey, stepped in front of the bus taking most of the impact. Later, he would not leave Audrey once the EMTs arrived. He was there to save her.

Baby, the Tabby Cat

Josh Ornberg and Letitia Kovalovsky were fast asleep on a couch in the living room of their house when Baby woke them up,alarmed with the fire that has broken out in the bedroom. The Chicago couple would not have made it if Baby, the Tabby Cat, was not there.

A nameless dog

The dog saved several people at the ceremony when he identified and attached a suicide bomber.Due to this, the suicide bomber detonated her explosives, killing herself and sadly the dog. The nameless dog sacrificed itself to save many lives!

There innumerous more stories of conditional love and commitment of our furry friends.

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