Breakfast Habits to Shun

A healthy breakfast is the key to absorbing nutrients including calcium, iron, folate, Vitamin B and fibre thereby enhancing the day’s intake of vitamins and minerals

Though breakfast is an important meal of the day, make sure you do not skip the other meals throughout the day.

You Overload on Fruit Juice 

Drinking juice on empty stomach is the reason behind irregular bowel movements, stomach pain and acidity. Besides, packaged fruit juices are overloaded with added sugars, preservatives and calories, and have consistently proven detrimental to physical health and mental wellbeing. Eventually, this habit leads to increased blood sugar levels, fatty liver, high uric acid and insulin resistance.

You Rely on Liquid Calories

A liquid diet runs low on the nutrients and calories a human body needs for functioning. While liquid diet could be effective for specific medical conditions, resorting to such a diet by oneself is a blunder. Also, liquid calories are impertinent to weight loss and might pose a risk to digestive system and immunity besides increasing one’s risk of developing gallstones.

The Platter is Bereft of Veggies

Breakfast should include veggies primarily to cut down on unwanted calories and to stock up on essential nutrients. Nutritionists recommend carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage to replenish your body with protein and prevent munching on carbs and sugar. Also, if you have been struggling to meet the required vitamin and mineral quantity, choice of a delicious scramble of veggies is perfect!

You Prep an Easy-Peasy Meal

Usually, these breakfast recipes are high in sugar salt, saturated and trans fat, processed ingredients and oil leading to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular complications. With repeated reliance on junk foods, cognitive prowess, appetite, digestion and healthy growth and development are affected. In many cases, high junk food intake affects mental health and triggers depression.

You Go Overboard with Toppings

Adding flavours is all hunky-dory till you overdo it for toppings are stuffed with sugar and could be addictive. Toppings, such as dried fruits and flavoured nuts, should be replaced with chia seeds and berries to prevent a sugar rush and fix the daily protein level. Both toppings and sweeteners such as a creamer are poor choices especially when you are trying to leverage the most out of the breakfast bowl.

You Eat on the Go

Not completing the meal together often results in mindless eating, overeating and binge-eating which ends up affecting your digestion and waistline. This often results in consuming giant potion sizes thereby completely undoing the blessings of a carefully chosen diet for healthy living.

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