Published By: Shreya Ghai

Bright is right - 4 bright eye makeup look you must try.

Summertime comes with fun and frolic. It also comes with trendy summer looks, especially when it comes on giving a dramatic look to your eyes. Ditch the boring old makeup trends and mundane colours. If you use minimal makeup, you can play with colours on your eyes. It's time to step up with vibrant colours, shades and glitters to add some glamour to your eyes. Get set for some pretty neon shades to highlight your pretty eyes.


Try keeping your eye shade nude or neutral. A light brown or light pink shade on the eyelid and add a dot of a bright colour on the inner corner of your eyes. It will instantly make your eyes look brighter and bigger. It will hardly take any time to give this pretty colour pop look to your eyes. 


Neon eyeliner trend is the most artistic and expressive hues used on the minimal eye makeup look. It looks much better than smokey eyes and adventorous. A slight touch of neon liner can add a boring and old eye makeup. Just make sure you are matching the colour of the neon eyeliner to your outfit to look more coordinated and stylish. Glam it up with neon liners to add a charm to classic old eye makeup.


Patel shades are raging in summers. You don't want to wear dark and bold colours insummers and so do we want to do to your eyes. Next time when you are getting ready for your lunch, wear pastel eyeshadows to rock a sunny summer day. Choosing shades that are cool and soothing to look at. There is a big range of pastel shades starting from purple, pink, peach, beige, powder blue and much more. Step up your eye make up game with pretty pastels. Wear them with your white outfit or a dark coloured dress, pastels will never disappoint you.


Always highlight the under eye.

Don't ignore the inner corners.

Extend some shades on your eyelids too.

Use brown eyeliner

Try using berry or orange shades on the eyelids.

Add two coats of mascara to give that dramatic look to your eyes.

Now that you have a list of eye trends to try, ditch your black eyeliners and add some pop and pretty colours to your eye makeup collection.

Glam up girls!