Brilliant Ways To Reuse Expired Makeup

Don’t trash the expired make up, turn it into something better!

It is hard to hit pan on your makeup especially if you are makeup junkie. Moreover, it doesn’t help that makeup does not come cheap. Naturally, it feels heart crushing when a makeup product hits its expiry date before it hits the finish line. However, expired makeup could be reused in a lot of ways even though they don’t serve their original purpose. Reusing expired products on your skin is definitely not something we suggest, but there are ways to work around that. So, even if you find your favorite makeup item expired, you might not just want to throw it away. Here are a few ways you can reuse expired makeup.


Nothing hits harder that when you favorite lippie hits its expiry date. We all have been there –trying to save our favorite lipstick for important and worthy occasions and before you know it, the product is expired. If your notice your lipstick losing its color intensity, shape and coverage, it means it has expired. However, there is a way you can reuse the expired lipstick instead of just throwing it out. Expired lipsticks can be used as markers or colors for painting. Lipsticks have wax in them and soft in texture. This makes them great options for being used as a color or a marker.

Skin Toners

Skin toners are usually a skin care item. However, they can be used in your pre and post make up routine as well. They can be used as primers and as a setting spray for when you are done with your makeup. Toners have a high content of alcohol in them. However, when the product has run its course and hit the expiry date, there is no way you can use it on your skin anymore. What you can do instead, is use the expired skin toner as a cleaner. You can use to clean your mobile, TV and computer skins, glasses as well as mirrors.


Mascaras usually expire within six months of opening the product. Using an expired mascara is a massive no for it can damage your eyes. However, that does not mean you will have to throw them out. You can reuse expired mascara as an eyebrow mascara, tame and shape your eyebrows. You can also use it to color singular strands of grey hair.

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