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Bring on your bride/groom squad: Explore places that’ll make your Bachelorette the best one

Has the eagerly anticipated countdown to your closest friend’s D-day already started? And have you yet to consider carrying out the most crucial duty?

These extra details necessitate going off on another tangent in your brainstorming because there is already a lot to do to prepare for your best friend’s wedding. You can always consider hosting a crazy-hay party, regardless of how you are feeling-frightened, nervous, petrified, numb or perhaps the happiest because your friend would finally be off your shoulders. We can all agree that such occasions are unquestionably significant. Here is a compiled list of the ideal bachelor party locations in India so that you can be sure you have got everything covered.


This place has consistently served as the unrivalled location to celebrate bromance. Goa provides you with everything under the sun if your brothers have different personalities, where one may be a sports enthusiast while the other may be a beach bum, where one may be an adventure seeker while the other may be hunting for beer outlets. This smallest state in India is a fun-filled hangout spot where you can enjoy the perfect weekend with your army. Goa won’t make you regret choosing it as your one-stop centre.

Old Manali

Some parts of Old Manali will seem like they belong in a classic film because it is a destination that embodies the hippie movement, where travelling with friends is preferable to travelling with family, and where the secret alleys tend to draw lone travellers and backpackers. This special location deserves a spot on your list of the top bachelor party locations in India if you belong to a group of daring individuals, and trekking is a possibility in your itinerary.

Gokarna, Karnataka

It must be the one haven on your mind if you are looking for a bachelor party venue in India that will welcome you with all the romantic adventure and buzzed-about charm. Therefore, if you have teamed up with a group of fervent trekkers, conquering every beach would seem worthwhile every time. The main beaches in Gokarna where you and freely party your heart out are Paradise Beach, Kudle Beach and Half Moon Beach.


Even if it’s an unanticipated or last-minute event, Mumbai is yet another interesting city in India that can undoubtedly satiate your seeking. It can be a worthwhile and satisfying bachelor party venue, and very wish for joy and grandeur is realised in the city of dreams.

Now you also gear up and host a party for your friend at these exotic Indian destinations for bachelor parties.

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Young at heart, independent by nature, rolling down straight from the hills of Meghalaya. I get my adrenaline rush writing about facts and myths happening around. You’ll find me spending most of my time either dreaming about food or the mountains. Here to make net surfing more enticing for you!
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