Brown Sugar Substitutes That Work Sweet

Out of brown sugar? We have you covered!

There are a few things annoying in the universe and one would be to realise that you have no brown sugar halfway into a recipe for the perfect dessert. Well, you can obviously borrow a cup of brown sugar from your friendly neighbour but that’s not always an option. For those, who are feeling out of options, you have substitutes for brown sugar that work just as sweet and fine. These substitutes work so well in place of brown sugar that you wouldn’t even realise that you were missing the star ingredient in the first place. Also, nobody has to know! Here are a few substitutes for brown sugar that you can trust blindfolded.

DIY Brown Sugar At Home

It’s easier to make brown sugar than you’d think. Brown sugar is nothing but your regular granulated sugar mixed with molasses. Naturally, making brown sugar using white sugar and molasses would be the easiest job for you. In fact, you can even make light or dark brown sugar depending upon your preference. For making light brown sugar, you would need to add one tablespoon of molasses to one cup of white sugar. However, if you want your brown sugar dark, you need to add two tablespoons of molasses to one cup of white sugar. Mix them well and you have got you own handmade brown sugar ready to go into your recipe.

Care For Some Date Sugar?

Date sugar is one of the best alternatives you can find for brown sugar. Like the name suggests, date sugar is made from dehydrated dates. In fact, date sugar is considered much healthier than brown sugar and of course regular white sugar. They have all the goodness and nutritional benefits of dates. What’s better is that they are sweet and will work perfectly well in place of brown sugar. You can also use this to replace white sugar if you are in the search for some healthy sweetness.

Swap The Brown With The Maple

Although a type of unrefined sugar, maple sugar works as a great substitute for brown sugar. It is made from the maple tree and can be identified with its distinct maple syrup-y flavour. However, the texture of maple sugar is different from that of brown sugar and is usually used for healthy snacks like granola bars. Nonetheless, it works if it works!

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