Bucket list activities for thrill-seekers

If you are an adventure-junkie, the below bucket list will do wonders for you.

Do you have a penchant for jumping off a cliff or plane? This means you love everything related to adventures or anything that gives you an adrenaline high.

Below is the ultimate bucket list for thrill-seekers and covers everything from swimming with crocodiles to volcano boarding.

  • Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

You must have heard or snowboarding. But what if you could slide down an active volcano? Daryn Webb, an Australian thrill-seeker, initially invented the sport in Nicaragua in 2004. While instructors and harnesses man adventures, volcano boarding in a solo adventure sport. Reach the top of the 2,388-foot summit and slip into an orange jumpsuit and safety goggles. You will be sitting on a toboggan made with plywood and metal and launching yourself over the edge and acceleration increasing with every steep incline.

  • Cliff walk in China

The majestic South Peak of Mount Hua in China is the most popular trek among climbers. Considered one of the world’s most dangerous hikes, you will have to walk across planks of wood that have been bolted to the side of the 7,000 feet peak. While you might be harnessed, that does not take away the fear of the activity. Plus it is always packed, owing to the popularity of the activity.

  • Crocodile swimming in Australia

The Cage of Death in Australia gives you an opportunity to swim with the world’s largest reptile, crocodiles. With each experience lasting about 15 minutes, the cage is designed for one or two people that are suspended above the crocodiles before being lowered for a close encounter. Be ready to marvel at the size and features of the 5m plus saltwater crocodile.

  • Insanity ride in the United States

Ride to insanity in Las Vegas’ 350-meter Stratosphere Tower, United States’ tallest freestanding observation tower. Taking theme park to a whole new level, the mechanical arms of the Vegas ride will spin you 270 meters above the ground and 20 meters over the edge of the tower.  It will give you a breathtaking view of Las Vegas’ historic downtown in addition to an adrenaline rush. Remember to keep your eyes open for the view.

Are you ready to buckle up and start planning some crazy adventures?

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