Budget-Friendly Places to Visit Near Mumbai During Weekends

The ends of the week are made for short trips with your near and dear ones, not simply investing energy in a club or luxurious restaurant. There are certain individuals for whom the end of the week implies only resting while staying in bed, watching tv, and having family time, there are a couple of other people who need some adventurous feel at the end of the week. But, imagine a scenario in which you can get both relaxation and adventure that cleanses your stress. So, below are a few top-notch places to visit near Mumbai to have a relaxing mind.


The tranquil and misty hill station close to Mumbai is without a doubt a treat for the eyes when you enter the spot. The shill station is encircled by plant life and hills. People who love to reside amidst nature, have made their own homes around there. For spending time close to Mumbai, visiting Mahabaleshwar with your close ones will be a good idea as the distance from Mumbai to this spot is around 250 km.


Not like the common destinations, Karnala is a hidden treasure only a few people know about. The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is home to approx 200 types of birds, some being uncommon the rare cases.

Spread over a little area of 11 km, this sanctuary is a decent retreat to spend your weekend from the buzz of Mumbai. One more fascination of this place is the Karnala Fort which traces back to the 15th century and is a significant notable landmark.


Lonavala attracts people in enormous numbers consistently. Encircled by lavish plant life, it is at its best during rainy days. Having said that, it isn’t any less enjoyable during different seasons.


An intriguing method for arriving at Alibaug would be the ferry instead of by your vehicle or taking a bus from Mumbai. Likewise, a superb road to take in some set of experiences, Alibaug houses Kulaba Fort which was built during the era of the extraordinary fighter Shivaji. Beach lovers are in for a treat with a few sea shores, for example, Nagaon Beach, Kashid Beach, Versoli Beach, and Akshi Beach being in its vicinity. If you have some additional time close by, drive down to Phansad Sanctuary, a quiet spot to visit for nature and bird lovers.


Situated in the Nasik area, this place can fill in as a good to-beat all during your excursion to the Wine Capital. You can alternatively drive down to Igatpuri and see a few lovely attractions on the spot like Ghatandevi Temple, Bhandardara, and DhammaGiri Meditation Center. Being a must-visit destination, it also brings in various experiences with activities, for example, zip lining, rappelling, camping, and trekking.

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