Budget Holiday: 5 destinations you can enjoy without burning a hole in your pocket

Love travelling? But plans of that beautiful, rejuvenating holiday is still a dream because of the money constraints. Now plan that holiday, as our list of budget holiday destination makes your cherished dream a reality.

Vacation is a sure way to escape the daily rut of life. Just the thought of spending a few days away from the mundane life amidst mountains, sea or just a different city, rejuvenates us. Sometimes we only wish to pack our bags and leave. Alas! It’s not that simple. The most important thing about planning a vacation is your budget. But what if we told you can still go on that exotic holiday without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, here is a list of budget holiday destinations that you can consider while planning your next holidays.

Bhutan: If you are looking for a scenic destination, that has peace and tranquillity, then Bhutan is perfect for you. Famous for its beautiful monasteries and picture-perfect surrounding, there is no doubt why it is called the happiest country in the world. The cherry on the top fact is that Indians can visit Bhutan without a passport!

Vietnam: A country rich with culture, breathtaking views, Vietnam is another gem to discover. Beautiful beaches, lush forest and many temples and pagodas, you won’t have a dull moment here. To make your trip lighter on your pocket, you can stay in the backpacker’s hostel.

Thailand: Another gem in south Asia, you can’t get enough of this country. Be it touristy Bangkok or quiet and picturesque Krabi, Thailand has it all. There are many travel options for Indians; you can choose that suits your budget the best.

Seychelles: If you are looking for coral reef, beautiful untouched beaches, all of this in a fraction of amount then Seychelles is the place for you. The Archipelagic country is known for its flora and fauna. So, bask in the sun on the beach without a worry.

Philippines: Known for pristine beaches, mountains and ever-smiling and welcoming people, you can’t leave the Philippines out. For an Indian traveller, the main expense would be the flight tickets. You can find comfortable yet reasonable accommodation and the street food here is lip-smacking.

You can make your holiday memorable by researching and planning within your budget. The destinations mentioned above gives you a lot of options in that respect. What are you waiting? Pursue your Wanderlust.