Busting 6 Myths About Autism

Disability is as normal as the existing inaccessibility of our society!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or simply “Autism” is a neuro-divergent disability that happens to almost 1 out of 10 persons in the world. There is nothing abnormal in this. Still many people have misconceptions about Autism and its signs.

Myths About Autism: The ‘Mystery’ Disease

Even in the 21st century when science has progressed to the doorstep of every household, autism creates a confusing scenario in the minds of hundreds. Stereotypical depiction of autistic people in mass media haven’t helped the cause much. The stigmatised idea about Autistic people continues to exist. That’s why we are here to talk about 6 bizarre myths about Autism and will break it!

Autism Is An Ailment And People Recover From It As They Age:

The most popular and misleading concept about Autism is that this is a disease, people with autism are patients. This is wrong on many levels. Autistic people are just a part of the diverse human conditions. They are normal just like others, it’s just that they fulfill their needs differently than others. Also, autism doesn’t go away with growth in age. Autistics might become more accustomed to the signs and more comfortable living with it. But, they will still be medically diagnosed as Autistics.

Vaccines Are The Reason Behind A Never-Ending ‘Autism Pandemic’:

Out of all the popular myths, these are the most ridiculous and also the most dangerous. There is absolutely no proof behind these statements. Vaccines don’t cause autism. And although the number of autistic people has increased over the last couple of decades, that is due to the accessibility of proper diagnosis, unlike before.

Autistic People Are Socially Naive:

No two autistic people experience the actual same type of signs. While some of them might be a little unsocial, the rest of them can be quite social and cheerful. This is similar to introvert and extrovert traits of other humans. They also have emotions and can understand other people’s emotions. They just might have different ways to express their emotions. And of course, Autistic people can form a romantic or friendly relationship with other people.

Polarising View About The Intelligence Of Autistic People:

Some people are made to believe that Autistic persons have typically low IQ and are academically not good. Meanwhile, a significant faction thinks Autistic people are geniuses. The truth is they can be both, just like other non-autistic people.

Grown Ups Can’t Have Autism:

There is no certain age of diagnosis for autism. Many of the autistic persons are diagnosed at an early age. That doesn’t mean people of older ages can’t be diagnosed with Autism, they do!!

Bad Parenting Causes Autism:

Another dangerous myth is that children who are neglected by their parents at childhood develop autism. This hypothesis has been scientifically busted many times. Still more awareness needs to be created about Autism to break this ridiculous myth that creates social stigma.

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