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Can AI based writing tools replace the writers

AI based writing tools are in the trend now. Almost all major companies are using them to get their work done. However, there are many things they are not capable of doing like a human being. Still, it is said that they have the ability to replace human beings in future.

Can these tools replace human beings? Let’s find out.

Issues in structure

Artificial intelligence tools help in writing any blog or article quickly. They just need the keywords and they will construct a paragraph or the whole article in few minutes. This could be overwhelming for some but there are many structural issues in these tools. It is seen that after few hundred words, these tools repeat the whole thing in the same structure. In other words, these tools do not know how to build an article or a story. There is no structure and there are no engaging points. When you write something, you divide it into segments. There is an introduction, a middle part where all the important content is and a payoff where you conclude your writing. On the other hand, these tools cannot create a logical trail in the writing. They can write some random sentences for you which make no sense. These tools sometimes combine different ideas and overlap them, which makes the writing look mediocre.

Mood and theme

When you write something, you know which route you want to take according to the mood and theme. For example, if you are writing a paragraph on the pandemic, you know that it is going to be about death and other sad issues. Therefore, you will not use happy words and the mood will reflect the pain of the society. On the other hand, AI tools do not have the understanding of the mood and theme. They write according to the keywords you give them. In simple words, these tools do not write but they arrange random sentences. They surely give you grammatically correct sentences but they look cryptic and have little or no value as compared to an article written by human being.

Processing power

Artificial intelligence has come a long way and these tools have a good processing power. However, without human intervention, these tools are not useful as they cannot process any information themselves. It is worth noticing that when a human being writes something, he cares about what he does but an AI tool does not care about anything. It only focuses on the job and does not care about the quality of the article.

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