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Can an alarm clock affect your overall health?

In time of haste and hurry, the alarm clock is mandatory for waking up in proper time to start your daily jobs.

Probably you cannot imagine your life without alarm clocks, be it in any form. Everybody needs an alarm to wake up at the proper time. Irrespective of tone, you just cannot ignore the fact that the alarm clock disrupts your peaceful sleep. As punctuality is important in life, the alarm clock has become our constant in regular lifestyle. You must be shocked to know that there are several adverse effects of waking up to the sound of alarm clocks. Go through this article to know more.

The sound of the alarm clock increases blood pressure.

There are various reasons behind the rise in blood pressure. Waking up to an alarm clock is one such reason. The sudden sound of the alarm clock, when you are still in sleep enhances your blood pressure rapidly. You may not feel it properly, but several studies have proved that sudden sound can increase blood pressure twofold.

The sound of an alarm clock impacts your mental health:

When there is a disruption to your peaceful state of mind (here sleep), your mental health gets affected significantly. Compare your mornings on weekdays and weekends. Professionals need to wake up early by alarm clocks for their jobs. However, on the weekend, most people tend to wake up late without alarm clocks. You can definitely observe the change in moodon weekends rather than weekdays. There is a sense of satisfaction and happiness when you didn’t have to wake up to the sounds of alarm clocks.

The sound of an alarm clock can lead to severe brain damage:

Human sleep is divided into various stages. When you are deep sleep, and suddenly your alarm clock rings, there is complete chaos in the ongoing biological cycle.A sudden loud sound can potentially damage your brain, as proved by scientists.

Waking up to alarm clocks can lead to weight gain:

It is surprising but true. When you wake up without sufficient sleep due to the continuous sounds of the alarm clock, it can lead to excess weight gain. When you are deprived of adequate sleep, it affects your metabolism which may lead to obesity. The risks ofobesity rise by 33% due to waking up to alarm clock sounds. This is due to oversecretion of appetite hormone and reduced secretion of the satiety hormone.

What are the solutions:

You just need to rely on your biological clock. You can train your circadian rhythm by training based on your sleep requirement. Another helpful strategy is to sleep by keeping your face on the east side so that the sunlight can wake you up atthe proper time. Having said that, you should also remember that the alarm clock is irreplaceable. Obviously, you need an alarm clock if you have urgent deadlines or early meetings

So, it is always a better idea to train your body for waking up at a specific time daily.

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