Can drinking coffee prolong your life

An extra cup of coffee can be a reason for your longevity.

Coffee, an elixir for a fatigued college student burdened with assignments, or a professional struck with deadlines – Those long nights, what better remedy to shoo away sleep than coffee. Also, who can forget those shy, demure glances on a coffee date with steaming cups of coffee and glancing in each other eyes. Now, there is one very important reason for you to have coffee. Studies have proved that drinking two cups or more of coffee can prolong your life. Yes, it’s true; your favourite drink can be your life-saver.

Coffee and longevity

Experts are stressing the benefits of coffee for quite some time, but now a recent study by the Royal society of medicine in the United Kingdom stresses the importance of coffee. According to this study, drinking coffee can potentially reduce the risk of early death. It was found that drinking three to eight cups of coffee can reduce the risk of death, and two cups of coffee each day can reduce the risk by 22%. Before you ask what specific kind of coffee can help us with longevity, then experts stress that it does not matter; it can be decaf, instant, grounded or caffeinated; coffee can be boon to your health woes. Coffee is known to have one thousand biological compounds like folic acid and potassium that are extremely beneficial for you.

Coffee- A powerhouse full of antioxidants

It is said that when the hot water brews the coffee beans, all the antioxidants and natural and biological compounds mix with water and becomes part of the coffee. These antioxidants are known to protect you from free radicals and the potential damage they can cause. These free radicals can cause early ageing, cardiovascular disorder and even deadly cancer. In fact, in general, coffee is considered one of the main sources of antioxidant in a millennials daily diet. Having said that, we are definitely negating the importance of fruits and vegetable than coffee. But we are trying to emphasis the point that an extra cup of coffee may be beneficial to you more than you know.

Other health benefits of coffee

Experts all over the world have stressed the benefits of coffee. Coffee can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s, type two diabetics, liver and Parkinson’s disease. It also reduces the risk of depression and comparatively makes you happier.

So, next time someone chides you for your coffee intake, redirect them to this story.

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