Can Green Tea Help Treat Pimples?

Green tea is great for your overall health. However, is it effective in treating and managing acne vulgaris?

It likely is. This is because green tea (like any other tea) is very high in polyphenols.
A study has found that topical application of tea polyphenols could assist in reducing moderate to mild skin conditions. If you’re looking for a natural solution to manage the appearance of acne, try this well-known home remedy.

The research related to this treatment is rather limited; however, there are a few studies that examine the skin benefits of green tea. In this article, we’ve reviewed how green tea can aid in treating your skin condition, as well as methods to utilize it to treat acne.

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Green tea is abundant in catechins. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), one of the four major catechins present in green tea, is beneficial in treating acne and rosacea. It reduces inflammation to a great extent. In a study, the application of 22% green tea cream was shown to decrease inflammation in acne.
EGCG is a potent antioxidant that has immunomodulatory and photoprotective properties. It also has antiangiogenic properties (meaning it slows down the development of blood vessels required by tumours to increase their growth) and anti-inflammatory properties.

Helps Reduce Sebum Production

Sebum production is among the major factors that cause acne. Green tea is a great way to reduce sebum production and combat acne.

A study of 22 healthy men who were not smokers assessed the effects of a 5% topical herbal extract of green tea for 60 days. The study observed a significant decrease in sebum production.

Drinking green tea can also aid in reducing the production of sebum and reducing acne.

Antioxidants Reduce Acne

Polyphenols in green tea are powerful antioxidants. A clinical trial looked at the effects of 2% tea cream on 47 people suffering from moderate to mild acne. After 2 weeks, the researchers found an improvement in the acne-related lesions.

Helps Reduce Acne-causing Bacteria

EGCG is one of the major catechins present in green tea. It can help in reducing acne by slowing the development of P. acnes bacteria.

The results of these studies are not conclusive and more studies are needed to determine the effects and effectiveness of green tea for acne. Be aware that green tea or any other remedy at home may not be effective in treating cystic or hormone-related acne. It is recommended to see an experienced doctor to get the best treatment.

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