Can humans ever reach 1% of the speed of light?

How fast can we ever go? Would light speed travel be possible one day? Read on to know more.

How fast is the speed of light?

It is said to be the fastest thing that exists in the universe. Do you know what is the speed of light? Well, light travels at 300,000 kilometers per second! This means you can cover the distance between the earth and the moon in just a second. If we are talking about 1% of the speed of light then it might not seem much on a superficial level but we are talking here about really fast speed. If we try to calculate it then 1% of the speed of light would be near about seven million miles per hour. This is about ten thousand times faster than any fastest commercial jet.

What are the fastest things ever made?

If we talk about the fastest things, we already have then we can talk about the speed of a bullet. The speed of a bullet is about 4,200 kilometers per hour which is about three times more speed of sound. The fastest jet to be ever made is NASA’s X3 jet with a speed of 11,200 kilometers per hour. It might seem quite fast to you all but it is still just 0.001% of light speed. Another fastest object made by humans isspacecraft. The fastest amongst them was launched in the year 2018 named Solar Probe which achieved a speed of 535,000 kilometers per hour which still is just 0.05% of light speed.

Why achieving light speed is so hard?

To answer the question, we have to understand the law of motion. Every moving object has energy through its motion which is known as kinetic energy. If we want to go fasterthen we have to produce or increase a lot of kinetic energy. Now the real problem lies with the fact that kinetic energy can be produced by increased speed. So, if we have to make a thing go fast twice its speed then the energy used would easily be four times which is a bit hard to achieve.

How fast can humans go ever?

As we know ginormous energy would produce something similar to the speed of light but can humans achieve that? The answer is yes! Our able scientist and innovators are doing their best to find new ways to make space travel faster.

Various research on nuclear fusion energy and even warp drives are going on which make things look very positive.

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