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Can you lose weight by walking daily? Detailed scientific explanation.

Amongst many ways of losing weight, walking is considered the most underappreciated way.

Going to the gym for heavyweight training to running for hours, supported by a strict diet is the most well-known method of weight loss. Undeniably, if you can follow the routine, you will observe the change within a few weeks. But, consider yourself a person without any equipment to lose weight. Can you not lose your excess weight without gym equipment? The answer is yes. You definitely can. So, what are those ways? The answer is walking. Yes, you read it right. Walking in a proper way with a strict diet plan can help you lose weight. Go through this article to know more.

Walking intensity determines the weight loss scenario:

Walking involves the movement of legs and hands. It is an easily accessible exercise for most people. Make a timetable of walking at least 1 hour daily. If you are not getting that time in the morning, divide the 60 minutes time into two or three stages. For example, choose morning, afternoon, and evening/night for 20 minutes of walking each time. If you are aiming to lose excess fat from the body, you must focus on walking fast. Scientifically, the more your bodyweight is the more speed you need to generate while walking for losing weight. The speed range should be between 3-5 kph for people with excessive bodyweight. At least 150-200 calories will be burnt through walking daily. But, if you are a beginner, do not start walking very fast as you might harm yourself.

How to get maximum benefits from walking?

Sometimes, you might feel bored of continuous walking daily. To get the maximum benefits without being bored, you can get a partner for you to walk. It motivates you and releases stress. Walk with your smartwatch on your wrist, so that you can estimate the calorie loss. Do not walk regularly on the same road. Also, choose a road with more greenery which will improve your eyesight. While walking, you can also listen to music to get entertainment. Walking up to the hill is also a good option. If you are from a hilly region, twice or thrice a week go uphill. Another exciting way to get optimal benefits is rewarding yourself. Choose a reward every week. For example, set a goal of buying new shoes for walking, gifting yourself a new dress, and so on.

Other benefits of walking:

Regular walking has various health benefits including reduction of bad cholesterol and blood pressure. During walking, endorphins are released from the body uplifting your mood. It also improves your blood circulation throughout the body. Consequently, the risks of heart disease and diabetes also get decreased.

Apart from walking, a strict diet is crucial for losing weight. You can also perform several resistance exercises like pushups, squats, and lunges. If you are considering walking duration or intensity, always consider your fitness level and age to reduce the risks of injury.

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