Car Care: Signs that your car needs servicing right away

While brand new cars come with a service and maintenance schedule, older cars send tell-tale indicators that they need servicing. Identify them and keep your car from breaking down at inopportune times.

When you buy a new car, it comes with a maintenance schedule which is recommended by the OEM. However, when your car gets older, there is no fixed servicing schedule that you need to follow. This is why you need to be extra vigilant with your older car to keep it safe to be on the road.

Here are 5 signs that mean that your car needs a visit to the garage right away-

Flashing Engine Warning Light

A warning light will illuminate on your dashboard to indicate that there’s a problem with the engine and the car needs to see a mechanic as soon as possible. It is not safe to drive the car around once the warning light has flashed and is advisable to get a check-up done to figure out and solve the exact problem.

Braking Issues

Brakes of your car need to always be in optimum condition to ensure complete safety. Over time, brake pads undergo a lot of wear and tear in the normal course of driving. In case you notice that your steering is vibrating and your brakes are juddering or acting a little differently, take your vehicle to the nearest service centre without delaying any longer.


Have you ever noticed an oil leak or spill underneath your car? Look for such dark coloured leaks when you move your car away from your parking space. These could be due to oil pan or brake fluid leaks, both of which are equally grave concerns. Start your car and head to a mechanic immediately.

Unusual Noises

Any strange noise emanating from your car is plain irritating. It could be completely harmless or sometimes indicate a serious issue. If you are not able to check on it yourself, its best to visit an expert mechanic.


Apart from minimal smoke emitted from the exhaust, there shouldn’t be any more smoke coming out from under the hood. Smoke from your car’s bonnet could mean that your engine is overheating, whereas excessive smoke emission from the exhaust could mean a faulty system or oil leak. In both cases, a quick visit to the mechanic is recommended.

Just like our body needs regular checkups to stay healthy, our cars too need a routine visit to the garage to keep in a good and safe running condition, always!