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Care for Indoor Plants in AC Rooms

AC adversely affects the growth of houseplants, but here is your remedy 

Air conditioner is a hindrance to the absorption of moisture and nutrients by plants. Therefore, it is commonly advised to store plants away from the freezing cold of ACs or pot air-purifying plants whose broader leaves make them tough survivors of the dry AC air. Simultaneously, you should be extra cautious about nurturing the unique needs of houseplants for their long lifespans.

Ideally, in a fully air-conditioned space, you may exercise these steps to cater to the growth and well-being of plants.

Use Glass to Shield Small Plants

Most miniatures are extremely vulnerable to dry, cold air which explains the glass cover. Adding a layer of shield in the form of domes or terrariums would serve as a barrier to drastic changes in temperature. These bell jars for indoor gardening are a terrific choice and create charming mini-greenhouse. With these glass shelters, you never need to worry about excess humidity or sudden draught from AC vents.

Nonetheless, strategic positioning of these glass houses is no less important. Avoid direct sunlight and measure the humidity level based on the plant types. Certain houseplants surely thrive the best in higher-than-average relative humidity– fern, polka dot plant and venus fly trap.

Be Mindful of the Plants you Choose 

A bit of research before purchasing the houseplants would go a long way in saving you from anxiety and hard work. Plant types such as cacti, peace lilies, parlour palms, snake plants and tillandsia, are easy to manage. These plants need water sparingly and thrive in low light. Cactus, besides blooming in minimal sunlight, live well enough in dry soil. You can pot these babies in a corner without fretting about their survival or wilting away.

Try Mist for Sensitive Plants

Misting the green babies with skinny leaves could redeem them timely. If you have flower plants potted, look for the usual signs such as buds falling off from plants. Even if you have the AC on for maximum part of the day, mist spraying could save them from damage. You may put them away from AC vents—as far as practicable, for the extra layer of care. Change of location is especially imperative when you notice the leaves turning brown or yellow.

Do not skip the usual cleaning and grooming – trimming, removing shredded leaves, flowers and buds and putting an ample amount of soil in the pot. Also, observe for signs of dormancy in your plants for the cold could transition them into winter mode.

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