Career options for creative minds

Getting a stable, secure job in the creative field is a real challenge. These are some of the creative careers which are comparatively stable and provide secure employment.

We all have heard people saying that creativity and money don’t go hand in hand, but this is not true. Yes, it might be right that people who are in the creative field may expect to have some downtime but it doesn’t mean there is no light at the end. Every field has its own perks and cons, it is just that the creative fields need a bit more struggle. The creative field itself is vast and includes people from different backgrounds from performing arts to fine arts to literature to marketing to designing. The best part about creativity is that there is no set path and boundaries to it, it is not quantifiable and nor it is absolute in nature, that’s why it presents enormous opportunities and scope to the people. But similarly, the difficult thing about creativity is there is no security. It totally depends on the talent of that individual and his/her performance in that area. That’s why it becomes difficult for creative people to find a well-secured job in this field. Permanent jobs are hard to come by for professionals in performing arts like musicians and actors, but there are many more other creative jobs that provide security and are easily available and some of them are listed below:

Filming/ Video Making

Although when we think about films all we think about is the profession of acting but apart from that, there are many more creative areas that require assistance to create a film. This includes Video editing, Videographers, dubbing directors, photographers, etc. The jobs can be both creative and fun, or serious and business-like, depending on the company or sector you are in.  It requires both aesthetic and technical knowledge.

Designing and Illustrations

It includes a wide range of professions starting from interior designing to fashion designing to Graphic designing to web designing to illustrations. These types of jobs are mostly offered by private companies which can be single owner firm to multinational companies. These are highly creative jobs that require strong technical knowledge too.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising is itself a vast field with multiple jobs overlapping. It mainly deals with creating campaigns to promote products and services. It basically takes care of all the creative aspects starting from creative materials for print, web, radio and television, with the final product placed in appropriate media categories as advertisements. And track and monitor the campaign results for effectiveness. To master this art, the candidate needs to have knowledge of media, communication and the market as a whole.


Writing nowadays can be of different types depending on the sector it is being used. It can be corporate like content writing and can be creative like scriptwriting and ad copywriting. And both of them have a good scope of employment. It doesn’t require much technical knowledge and solely relies on the flawlessness of your writing and creativity.

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