Career options for media students

The career of the media students does not limit to working for the newspapers, television and different media houses but the changing dynamics of journalism enhance the opportunity for serving across different areas.

Journalism or mass media as a career is fast paced, ever-changing, dynamic and exciting. Journalism and mass communication makes it perfect as a career path for those who extremely enjoy their storytelling and are in the urge of knowing the outer world more precisely.  If you are among those who want to opt for different career options other than the conventional career paths, here comes the list of different interesting career options for the media students.


As a media student, you can work as a critic to evaluate and analyse different creative works which includes fine write ups, books, television shows, films and fine art. As a critic you need to evaluate other people’s work from different angles. Being a critique you could showcase your own publication on the online platform and in the print media.


Political satires as well as the anecdotal cartoons are illustrated by the cartoonists which provide a different humorous aspect of the scenario to the viewers. After completing your degree in media, you can surely opt for this creative path. A long series of cartoons could state your point of view with a sense of humour and wit. The media students with creative and artistic skills could rule this profession.

Public Relations

Understanding, managing and strategizing the brand’s identity across various media is the core crux of the Public Relation Job. The Public Relation career does not limit to the companies identity management, but it also includes managing famous personnel identity across media. A student of media needs to acquire good knowledge regarding the PR skills and techniques, therefore while pursuing PR jobs you could relate to the theoretical knowledge you have gathered earlier. However, amalgamation of theory and practical knowledge is the core strategy of being a Public Relation Executive.

Social Media writing

Discussion regarding career options for the media students remains incomplete, without stating the social media writing job. In the 21st century with the immense influence of social media, in order to grab the attention of the social media users content creation is one of the crucial jobs. Crafting interesting contents to attract the traffic to the company’s website, making short videos and catchy headers could help you to get a prominent position in a company’s social media marketing team.

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