Published By: Satavisha

Cat Person Versus Dog Person: Personality Traits That Make Them Strikingly Different

If you instantly want to learn more about someone’s personalitysimply ask them whether they love cats or dogs to gauge their disposition.

Several surveys and studies have revealed striking differences in the personalities of people who love cats from those who love dogs more. The University of Texas conducted a study in 2010—titled "Personalities of self-identified dog people and cat people,"—and the results suggest that the two species actually have factual and distinguished differences, and their personalities complement the behavioral traits of the people who love them. Let us find out more!

Cat people are less outgoing, while dog people are more sociable.

Dog people have a more friendly demeanor and are more extroverted— opposed to cat lovers, who are less social. People who love dogs are more dominant than those who love cats.

Dog people are more energetic.

Dog lovers are typically more energetic because having a dog involves being active—just like their furry friend. On the contrary, feline lovers enjoy activities that demand little energy, like reading, painting, or cooking because even cats prefer staying inside.

Cat lovers are more open-minded.

When gauging qualities like creativity, imaginativeness, open-mindedness, adventurousness, and possessing unconventional beliefs—cat people typically score higher. Dog parents are just like their canine babies—gullible and will believe almost anything they hear.

Dog people are more conservative.

People who own dogs have more traditional values. They also comply with rules more than cat parents do.

Dog people love teamwork, unlike cat people who prefer working alone

Cat people have a more independent demeanor on the work front—and don’t get startled after learning that dog people prefer working in teams. Group projects are mostly preferred by dog owners, but cat owners loathe teamwork.

Cat people mostly end up living alone in apartments.

A study revealed that cat parents are three times more likely to live on their own than dog parents and two times more likely to own an apartment instead of a house. Cats are most commonly owned by single women.

Dog lovers are more emotionally dependent.

Cat people are more independent as opposed to dog lovers. Dog people tend to be more dependent on others—emotionally or otherwise. They cannot survive alone or without people’s emotional support and attention. On the other hand, cat lovers can single-handedly take care of their business. You will often find them traveling and exploring places alone.

So are you a team feline or a team canine?