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Caviar to Oysters: Seven Most Expensive Foods in the World (Part I)

Having your favorite food in an upmarket restaurant is definitely costlier than eating at home.

We all love to have delicious food at a good restaurant once in a while and pamper ourselves with our favorite dishes. Having your favorite food in an upmarket restaurant is definitely costlier than eating at home. But there are some food items across the globe which are so costly that it will amaze you. Here we have curated a list of the seven most expensive foods in the world.


Caviar is actually sturgeon fish eggs and it’s a quite rare and expensive. Caviar comes from several species of sturgeon, and its cost varies according to where it’s acquired.

Along with being expensive, caviar is rare also since fish sturgeon eggs are needed to be harvested by hand. Almost all sturgeon eggs come from fish farms and their price depends on its quality and how it’s harvested. Caviar is definitely one of the most expensive food items in the world. Two of the most expensive caviars are Osetra and Beluga caviar which come from the Caspian Sea. The Golden Almas caviar from Iran is famous for its cost and because of its delicate, velvety taste.

But the most expensive Caviar is the Strottarga Bianco which comes from an albino fish, which is also known as White Gold Caviar because it’s sprinkled with 22 carat gold and its price is $37,000 for just a single teaspoon.


Oysters were first cultivated by the Romans around 2000 years ago. Today it is a luxury food that is quite expensive.  

Oysters may be quite expensive today but around 200 years ago they were served as a cheap bar snack and anyone could afford them. But with passing time, overfishing made oysters rare and today it’s considered a rare and expensive food item. Generally, oysters are eaten raw. The most expensive oysters are the Coffin Bay King Oysters which take 6 to 7 years to grow. It’s found mainly in Australia where it costs $100 AUS, or about $73.95.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil is made from unprocessed, cold-pressed olives. It’s also the healthiest olive oil which is one of the reasons behind its costly price tag.

Extra virgin olive is the most expensive olive oil mainly because of its health benefits. It contains antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fat. It’s made in Greece and it’s made with Greek Koroneiki olives by Speiron Co. Another reason for it being costly is that it's handpicked from the oldest olive trees in Greece. These olives are handpicked and cold-pressed. It’s bottled and labeled also by hand and has an intense fruity flavor.