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Caviar to Oysters: Seven Most Expensive Foods in the World (Part II)

There are some expensive food items in the world and with the price they cost, one can buy a medium budgeted brand new car. In the first part of the story, we discussed a few most expensive food items in the world. Continuing from there, we list down a few more names of the most expensive foods in the world.


Saffron is farmed mainly in Iran but it’s also cultivated in Spain, France, Italy, and some parts of India. 

Saffron is the costliest spice and it’s handpicked from saffron flowers. Then it is kept on trays, and dried using charcoal fires and it’s mainly used for food flavoring and coloring. The reason behind its high cost is that saffron flowers are very rare and found only in a few places across the globe. Saffron is handpicked from Saffron flowers, and 450,000 strands and 150,000 flowers are used to get one kilo of saffron.

White Truffles

White Truffles are mostly harvested in Italy and it’s known for their unique aroma which can enhance the flavour of food items. 

White Truffles are very difficult to harvest, and it comes in the list of the most expensive foods in the world. It costs around $15,000 per kilogram, and sometimes its price shoots to over $30,000 because of its quality. It’s harvested mostly in Italy and only prepared by the top chefs because of its costly price tag.

Matsutake Mushrooms 

Matsutake Mushrooms also known as Pine Mushrooms is the costliest mushroom in the world. It cost $2,000 per kilo. They are mostly grown in very few countries such as Sweden, the US, Canada, Japan, China, and Finland. Matsutake Mushrooms have a spicy, smoky flavour to them, and are used a lot while preparing Japanese cuisines.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

If you are a coffee lover then once in your lifetime you must try the costliest coffee in the world known as Kopi Luwak coffee.

If you are looking for an unconventional type of coffee, then maybe Kopi Luwak is an ideal choice for you but you should remember that it is quite costly. It’s found in Indonesia and prepared from partly digested coffee beans eaten and defecated by an Asian civet cat. Then the farmers take out the partially digested coffee beans from the feces for further cleaning and processing. It may sound gross but it costs $1,200 per kilogram and is considered the best coffee in the world.

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