Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

Celebrities who gave up fame to do something ordinary

Not all celebrities are chasing fame, some are just following heart

People crave fame and money, it is established now. There is no denying that at some point in time each one of us has wished to become rich and popular at the same time. Therefore some of the crafts like film, fashion, music, football and cricket have been the favourites of almost all of us. It is just not only because of the art, but the fame and popularity it brings along with the art, has made us choose it over others. We have seen people do what not to get famous, but some people have tasted it, lived it and then left it. These celebrities have chosen ordinary over extraordinary lives.

Amanda Bynes, Fashion Designer

After having a breakthrough performance in TV shows like All That and movies like She’s the Man, Bynes descended into a public breakdown. But after some time she got her mental health on track and started striving toward a new career as a Fashion Designer. Bynes enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2014. Four years later, Bynesgraduated with an associate’s degree.

Kevin Jonas

One of the most famous boy bands in the west, Kevin Jonas was part of The Jonas Brothers with his two brothers. They were seeing success when Kevin quit. He started a food-searching app called Yood. It is a restaurant searching app.

Kal Penn

The famous comedian Kal Penn has also left the stardom, he has joined a rather serious, more responsible job at the US government. Despite his outstanding onscreen performances in the Harold & Kumar franchise, Penn nabbed a serious position as the Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement. Kal Penn a.k.aKalpen Modi was working with the government directly to foster effective communication with underrepresented communities.  However, after serving his position for 2 years, Penn returned to his entertainment industry life.

Cameron Diaz

One of the leading ladies in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz left after attaining a peak at her career. From her big-screen debut in The Mask to her campily self-aware finale in Annie (2014), Cameron has given some of the biggest hits of this generation. But even though she was good at what she does, her heart was into something else. Diaz found her love in writing and has written two best-selling works since her acting retirement. The first, The Body Book,is all about the ways to keep one’s body healthy and the second, The Longevity Book, is all about the ways to keep one’s life long and prosperous.

Freddie Prince Jr.

After starring in movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and She’s All That, Freddie Prince Jr. soon became the Chocolate boy of the town. But stardom didn’t stop him from following what he loves. Freddie found his passion in cooking and left showbiz to become a chef. He is a well-known chef now and has launched a book called Back To The Kitchen that comes with 75 epic recipes you can try at home.