Published By: Riya Banerjee

Charming small towns in France that you should not miss out on seeing

France in fact has few of the most beautiful towns and villages that you can visit around the world.

If you are a travel enthusiast then France surely must have crossed your mind as a travel location. From the beautiful Eiffel Tower in Paris to the jaw-dropping sites in Cannes, France has something for everyone to see and enjoy. But while cities like Paris are always overcrowded due to the famous tourist spots, the country actually has several small towns that are as beautiful and jaw-dropping as the bigger cities. In fact, for nature lovers, these small towns and villages will be a sight to behold! So if you are planning to visit France anytime soon, read on to know about the small towns that you must visit…


If you thought Paris was picturesque, wait till you see this French village. Situated right on the Ardèche River, this village has a castle, limestone cliffs and even beautiful cobblestone paths leading up to streets that will give off a medieval era vibe. The best time to visit this village would be during the fall but any other month in the year will also do justice to its beauty.


If you are going to France only to chill and not do anything touristy, then we suggest shacking up in Etretat. This small village in Northwest France is often called a resort town and rightfully so because of its extreme chill vibes and lack of crowds everywhere. The white cliffs and its location on the English Channel make it very aesthetically pleasing for tourists.


Just like Paris, Amboise too is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in all of France. This small town was home to King Charles the VIII and also to the great Leonardo da Vinci. There are plenty of touristy sites to see and apart from that, you can also take evening walks and revel in the beauty of Amboise!


If you are a hiking enthusiast then a visit to this picturesque town should definitely be on your to-do list. An extremely small town on the island of Corsica, Sant'Antonino is known for its architecture, hiking spots, medieval castles, beaches and more!