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Cheap DIY objects you can have for making reels at home

Reels and short videos have taken over internet these days. They are in trend because they are easy to make and people create them at home. However, they too need a good investment.

Here are the important DIY objects which can be turned into important equipments for reels.

Butter paper

Lighting is an important aspect of filmmaking. When you try to make a reel, you need sufficient amount of light. It is because your smartphone cameras are light sensitive and they react to the amount of light which enters in the sensor. Butter papers are the cheapest light cutters you can afford. You need to neatly place them in front of the light you are using and they will help to soften the light. If you need a soft filter, you can use butter paper. They are also used to cut the amount of light entering in the camera. They are available at any stationery at a very cheap rate. They are durable and can be used for many shoots.

Led lights

As discussed earlier, lighting is an important aspect when it comes to making reels. These days, people are using the circular lights or the rim lights as they are a cheap option. However, they are not durable and they lack stability. Instead of using them, you can go for cheap led torches or kino lights which are easily available. The reason you should use them is they do not flicker in the video. You cannot shoot a reel in the lights available in your home as they will flicker during the recording.


If you cannot afford many lights or more than one light, there is no need to worry. You can always use thermocol as they can add lights to the shoot. Yes, you read that right. Thermocol act as a reflector because of their white surface and you can point them opposite to the light you have and the light will bounce back from another angle. By single light and a thermocol, you can make a two point lighting system.

Green cloth

Do you wonder how people achieve the desired results when they do VFX and think it is a costly thing? Well, it is an expensive thing but mainly for movies. If you are making a reel and want to add some visual effects, then all you need is a green colored cotton cloth and little knowledge of editing. Green color cotton cloth acts as a chroma and you can move the object from there in any editing software.

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