Cheapest countries to visit from India

A trip to any country outside India is expensive. Misconception Alert!

It is essential to plan out a budget before making a foreign tour. Well, to your surprise there are places outside India, which you must visit, and guess what? They are completely cheap, at times cheaper than India. Have a look at these countries, where budget will not be so much of a concern.

Costa Rica

This country of Central America is one of the cheapest places to visit from India. The Caribbean coastlines, the massive beaches, are part of its tourist attractions, along with the volcanic mountains. 1 INR will cost you 8.34 Costa Rican Colon. Try not to miss out on this place, if you plan to visit a cheap country from India.

Sri Lanka

This country as we know, is famous for its majestic beaches. Also, its rich flora and fauna, the picturesque landscape, and its rural lifestyle is a part of its scenic beauty, which every tourist craves to see. Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest countries to visit from India, as 1 INR is equal to 2.67 Sri Lankan Rupees. Imagine the stay per night in this amazing country can cost you only Rs.500-800. Anyone would want to visit this place to experience the surreal landscapes at such a cheap price.


This Southeast Asian country is popular for its rich heritage and culture. You will get to see some spectacular coastlines, along with some lip-smacking delicacies, which will come to you at a very cheap price. Will you be surprised to know that 1 INR= 55 Cambodian Riel? Imagine how much you could shop with your budgeted money!


Another Southeast Asian country, Vietnam is much cheaper than India. You will have to spend 1 INR for getting an item that costs 312 Vietnamese doing. Not just for its cheap rates, the place should also be on your checklist, if you love green mountains, pristine beaches. The rich history of the country will also mesmerize you and you’ll want to visit the place for a second time.


Bali, one of the most attractive destinations for Indians, is located in Indonesia. The country however has more than that, which includes mountains, volcanoes and also vast beaches. The best thing about the country is its cheap rate, especially for Indians. 1 INR will cost you 195 Indonesian Rupiah, which is much cheaper for Indians. Start listing items you’re going to get from Indonesia!

Without thinking much about the budget, start planning your trip to any of these cheap countries!

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