Published By: Sohini

Check out these few creatures with the shortest life span

Have you ever wondered why the lifespan of a Mayfly can be 24 hours?

It’s shocking to believe that where some animals and humans are blessed with huge lifespans, there are endless numbers of such misfortunate creatures who are the guests in this beautiful world for a few days. Differences in metabolism, brain-to-body ratio, suitable environment, and various unknown factors are responsible for the lifespan of the species.

Mayflies, the shortest living creature on earth

Mayflies live only for 24 hours. That’s the reason they are called ‘one-day insects’. There are more than two thousand different species of this creature and some of them die within a few hours after birth. The sole purpose of their life is to reproduce and they spent most of their lives as nymphs. In this short period of time, they form groups to dance together on all the surfaces available.

Gastrotrichs, marine microorganisms with the shortest lifespan

Gastrotricha are marine microorganisms with a size up to 3 mm and their life cycle is only about three days. They have transparent body structures and they can stick to other water bodies through hundreds of adhesive tubes on the lower parts of their bodies. Their unique sex organs have both male and female parts for reproduction.

Drone Ants, the male members of an ant colony

This member of the ant colony has a lifespan of only three weeks. Whereas females are very active and are responsible for establishing the entire colony, Drone ants are lazy in nature. Their only work is to mate with females for establishing the colony and they die immediately after the mating. However, it can easily be said that they are very significant members of the ant colonies.

Dragon Fly

There are around five thousand species of Dragonflies available in the world and their maximum lifespan is about four months. But usually, they won’t live for four months as they are easily caught and eaten by spiders, birds, lizards, frogs, and other creatures. Even strong wind and any harsh climate can damage their life cycle as the larvae can’t emerge in extreme weather conditions.

One thing to be remembered is that too much human intervention can hamper the animal world. The world is for all and all should have a proper ambiance to live.