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Check out these simple tricks to know your dog better

Wanna know your pooch better? So let’s jump into reading more on it.

Must be wondering why this article is about dogs, could be about cats. Cause your pooch is already extroverted and most of the time put a good amount of effort into communicating. Most of their clues are clear about what they want and what they don’t want. But they offer us some blurred clues to understand them better.

Notice what they do

You gotta start with this. Because if you don’t notice what your dog has been trying to explain to you, you will not know what he is trying to explain. Come on now. Give your four-legged friend some attention (always not because he or she wants it). Get some relaxation by moving your eyes to y your pooch from your laptop screen, during a long period of work. Their body language will explain a lot.

Heed the tail

A dog’s tail tells a lot when you notice your pup’s body language. If the tail is tucked between his back legs then he’s afraid, going through pain or traumatized. It’s serious when tails are tucked between back legs. It’s better to visit a vet when the tail is tucked and you can’t discover why he’s afraid. And if your dog’s tail is lifted then it means he’s obstinate. It’s better not to mess around with a dog when his tail is high. If he’s holding his tail down then it indicates a stressed mood or anxiety, in short. Your pup is not feeling well.

Look into the face

If your pup rapidly squits and blinks then assume that it’s the perfect time to throw the ball. Your pooch wants to play. Or he just wants to spend some time walking with his owner and feel adored. If he just looks at you with big shiny eyes and a tongue outside of his face then it’s reasonable to go for belly rubs for 10-15 minutes. Keep rubbing the belly and chest. They love it. When eyes are wide open without the tongue out then it means your pup is concerned and curious about his present environment. And If your dog is showing teeth without snarling then it’s not to go near them. They mostly do it while eating. They are just protective about food and territory. Showing teeth without snarling is a huge threat.

Notice their movements

If the dog turns his back on you, don’t worry he’s not angry with you but somewhat congratulations. You’re trustworthy. And if he exposes his belly lying down then you know where to rub. Belly!

Now you know your pooch better. Go, good luck for a healthier bond with better communication.

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