Check out these traditional practices by different Indian tribes

Tribal people are still trying hard to keep their old traditional rituals alive.

There are at least 50 tribes living in India till now. In spite of technological advancement and urban development in the cities and maximum parts of the country, the tribes have been maintaining their cultural traditions and that is the most beautiful thing about the cultural variety of India. Though, the majority of the tribes are getting influenced by modern societal culture, due to their survival necessities.

Apparently, it seems like the tribes are backdated and oldschool and the urban people are progressive. But, the actual scenario is completely different.

Welcoming ritual of Sentinelese tribe, Andaman

The Sentinelese are one of the oldest tribes of Andaman. People of this tribe do not maintain any such connection with the civic society. And civic people find it so hard to reach them. It is considered that the tribal people do this to maintain their heritage and cultural purity. But, in actuality, they are very much welcoming. If someone reaches the tribe, they are welcomed with two buckets full of gifts, a red one and a green one. And they leave the green bucket and take back the red one.

Marriage ritual of Chenchus, Andhra

A significant tribal group, speaking the Chenchu dialect of Telugu language, are known as Chenchus. The marriage system of this tribe is so much progressive than our educated civic society. Though their society is divided into different castes, there is no rigidity in case of intercaste marriage. Even there is not any kind of rigidity or parental pressure or social judgement in case of marriage. A boy or a girl can choose anybody he or she wants to marry. There is no rigidity regarding divorce. Even the women can give divorce. And the widows or divorced people are also allowed to marry without any social judgement.

Celebration ritual on birth of a female child of Khasi tribe, Meghalaya

In the present Paternal society, it is really a rare case where we can find a family happy with a girl child. But, the Khasis are exactly opposite. So, it is supposed that the tribe has its history of maternal society.

The Khasis have a traditional ritual. If a girl takes birth, the Khasis do celebrate with ample joy. The family organises a feast on account of having a new female member in their family. Women are given extra importance in this tribe.

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