Check your Rafael Nadal quotient

Rafael Nadal is called the King of Clay for a reason. He holds the record for the longest winning streak by any male player on a single surface since the tennis open era started in 1968. Nadal registered 81 clay court wins between April 2005 and May 2007 and holds the record for most titles won on clay in the open era with 56 trophies.

However, Nadal is much more than a clay court bully. It is not without pedigree that his name is taken among the greatest of all times (GOAT). Here’s a Rafael Nadal quiz for you:

Q: Which Grand Slam Champion did Nadal beat at just 14?

A: Pat Cash

Details: Nadal caught the tennis world by surprise by getting the better of Pat Cash in an exhibition match. The 1987 Wimbledon winner was retired at the time, but was still active in numerous events around the world, but much to his embarrassment, lost to a 14-year-old.

Q: When did Nadal win his first ATP match?

A: In April 2002 against Ramon Delgado

Details: Rafael Nadal is one of the youngest players to ever win an ATP match. In April 2002, Nadal earned the first win of his career against Ramon Delgado in Majorca. Nadal became the ninth player in open era history to win an ATP match at just 15.

Q: When did Nadal win the Career Golden Slam

A: 2008 Beijing Olympics

Details: Nadal has a gold medal in singles at the Olympics which came at the 2008 edition in Beijing. This gives him an advantage over Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic as he is one of only two players to win the Career Golden Slam.

Q: Has Nadal won a Tour Finals?

A: No

Details: Nadal may have won each grand slam title at least once, but a Tour Finals title still eludes him. The only major tournament the Spaniard has failed to win is the Tour Finals. He has ended up as the runner up twice, but a Tour Finals title still remains out of reach.

Q: What is Nadal’s head-to-head record against Roger Federer?

A: 24-16

Details: Not many have the wood over Roger Federer. Among the lucky few is Rafael Nadal, who holds a 24-16 record over Federer. On clay, he has been Federer’s nemesis with a 14-2 record.  In head-to-head match-ups in grand slam finals as well, he boasts of a 6-3 advantage.

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