Chic And Trendy Workleisure Items To Try

Here are ways to update your work wardrobe.

Workleisure has become a popular fashion trend that blends business-appropriate wear with athleisure. This combination makes work clothes much cosier, but in a stylish and chic way. It is also a cool new way to update your wardrobe. Here are some chic and trendy workleisure items to give a try.

Try jumpsuits that are breathable

Comfortable jumpsuits can look uber stylish and ultra chick when accessorised the right way. Make sure the colour of the jumpsuit is suitable for work. More importantly, the fabric should be breathable. A jumpsuit is the perfect way to combine wide-leg pants and flowing tops in a fashionable way. Make sure your accessories are striking but minimal.

Feel cool in a shirt dress

A super stylish shirt dress can be the ultimate workleisure wear. Plus, there are a variety of options to choose from. Many of these dresses are made from fabrics, like cotton or silk. These dresses are comfortable, versatile, and elegant.  This timeless classic can be upgraded with shoes and accessories in a variety of ways. You can throw a blazer over your shirtdress or wear a waist belt to make it more figure-flattering. Match this dress with a stylish bag.

Explore the magic of active trousers

Active trousers help bridge the gap between business-casual and athleisure pants. Their comfortable and work appropriately. Best of all, these ultra-functional pants are adaptable to any activity you put them through. Best of all you can match these pants with a range of tops and shoes to suit the occasion. There are many ways to put an outfit together with these pair of pants.

Invest in comfortable and stylish tops

While a polished look is important when you are working, you should also make sure your clothes are comfortable so you can tackle your tasks and meetings with ease. Instead of the standard collared button-down, consider a smart business-casual top that is comfortable. Think lightweight tops and silk blouses that are versatile to go with any business attire.

Experiment with stretch blazer

A quick and easy way to polish up an outfit is with a blazer. However, when sticking to workleisure guidelines, wear a stretch blazer. This way you can modify a comfortable look to appear more presentable. Best of all you can get these items in a range of colours to make your outfit pop and look chic.

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