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China’s puzzling pyramids that would awe you

These ancient structures are said to be around 8000 years old and can also rival Egyptian pyramids.

Chinese pyramids are as mysterious and fascinating as Egyptian pyramids

The Shaanxi province of central China is home to some of the most mysterious and ancient pyramids that are believed to be about 8000 years old. Near the capital city of Xi’an, alongside the Wei River, you would find dozens of pyramids that are scattered across. But not all structures are the same, some of them are like pyramids found in Mesoamerica. But many of them are unassuming but massive mounds shaped with many underground passageways and rooms that fit for a king. It is believed that the tallest one of them was 249 feet tall in its heyday but is now reduced to 154 feet today. But why they were built? There are many theories regarding it.

They are the mausoleum of the dearly departed 

Many historians agree that most of these pyramids were built for beloved emperors and their families. According to the findings by National Geographic, many of these sites had underground kitchens, palaces, and even toilets. One of the most prominent and important pyramids is the burial site for China’s first emperor named Qin Shi Huang. His reign was believed to be 247 to 221 BC. Chinese historians named Sima Qian wrote that more than 700,000 workers worked on constructing Qin Shi Huang’s tomb. But experts feel that this number is an exaggeration.

The burial site of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is built thief-proof.

Many accounts of ancient historians suggest that Qin Shi Huang had planned his final resting place very meticulously in his youth. The tomb was constructed at the foot of Mount Li. Many stories suggest that the pyramid was ambushed with mercury and crossbows to prevent robbers and thieves. When archaeologists probed the site and discovered traces of high-level mercury radiations which makes us believe that those stories and legends are true after all.

The most fascinating and spectacular discovery of all undoubtedly would be a terracotta army.

In the year 1971, the most amazing and spectacular discovery was accidentally when some farmers stumbled upon 6000 terracotta warriors. They were believed to be dead emperors armies to protect and battle with evil spirits in the afterlife. The tomb was also filled with chariots and weapons.

So, would you like to go on a trip to these fascinating structures?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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