Chinese Herbs Could Help You Live Longer

Here are some reasons to give these Chinese herbs a try.

Chinese herbs have been used for their healing properties for centuries. While they commonly used to maintain good health and improve wellness, these herbs could also help you live for longer. Even though they have numerous health benefits, it is best to consult with an expert to find what works best for you as these herbs can be quite potent. Here are some Chinese herbs that could help you live longer.

Goji berry

There are many reasons to try goji berry. Dried goji berry packs contain loads of health benefits. They contain anti-ageing properties and could give your immunity a boost. It also contains powerful antioxidant properties that could protect against free radical damage. It could help keep you calm and tackle inflammation issues. Goji berries can be consumed in raw or dried form. Best of all, it can be added to dishes that are sweet and savoury. Making a hot tea with it is the best way to consume it.


Lingzhi is a mushroom that has been used in many Asian countries, including China and Japan. Lingzhi, in Chinese, is said to represent immortality. It contains medicinal and therapeutic properties that could boost energy levels and improve memory. It could even help you maintain good health as you age. You can make a refreshing tea with this mushroom. It is also available in powder form and as supplements.

Huang Qi

Huang Qi is a Chinese plant that is loaded with healing properties that could protect the immune system as you get older. It has been used to treat a number of ailments. However, more scientific research is needed to better understand this plant. Experts recommend consuming this plant in small doses and seeking medical advice before you do so, especially if you are taking medication. You can use the dried roots in soup or curries.


Ginseng is popularly known as the “king of herbs” because of its many benefits. It contains a substance that can help to keep the body in balance. It could also help to slow down the ageing process and reduce stress. Because it contains anti-inflammatory properties, ginseng could help support health to keep health issues that have may impact longevity at bay. Ginseng is available in capsule or tablet form. However, it can also be added to your tea, juice or smoothie.

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